Jesus Power Assemblies God Men’s Ministry was born at the same time the church was established. The Ministry was officially inaugurated in year 2001 when the membership of the church was growing.The Men’s Ministry is an organized body of men in the church whose purpose is: 

  • To conduct a service of teaching and worship, attend to special needs and interest of men;
  • To instruct and encourage men to witness and win other men to the Lord;
  • To unite the men of the church in the planning and carrying out of projects essential for the advancement of the church.
  • To serve as a role models to the young men (youth) in the church. 


Every man in the church is a member of Men’s Ministry; however, we have about 100 active members.

Bylaws & Constitution

The Men’s Ministry is subject to the constitution and bylaws of Assembly of God Church (AG) in general and Jesus Power Assemblies of God Church (JPAGC) in particular; however, the Men’s Ministry has enacted these bylaws to guide our conducts and dealings.


  • The president, vice president, secretary and treasurer shall be the active members, screened by the church board and elected by secret ballot in majority vote. Other auxiliary positions such as activities coordinator, visitation coordinator, etc shall be appointed by the leadership of the Men’s Ministry and approve by members.
  • The leaders shall serve for a period of one year or until successors are elected.
  • Monthly dues of $10 shall be paid in the first Sunday of every month.
  • Donation of $200.00 shall be made to a member during his wedding or blessing.
  • $200.00 shall be donated to a member who loses his father or mother or child.
  • A card, diapers, and detergent shall be donated to the father of a new-born child when we visit the family.

We shall pay a visit when we are officially informed within the first three months of the birth.

  • In the case of “outdooring”, the individuals can make their own donation. It shall not come from our treasury.
  • Members must inform the leadership about life-changing events such as sickness, death, unemployment, etc.
  • Any member who does not pay dues without any tangible reason shall not receive any donation from the ministry when the need arises.
  • We shall meet bi-weekly (Sundays after church service); however, the meeting days can be changed as necessary.
  • Note: Can be changed at any time necessary.


  • Men, action
  • Men, action
  • Action, now
  • Action, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  Now, Men, “Let us all arise and shine, for the Light of the Lord has come, and his glory rises upon us.” (Isaiah 60:1)

Meetings and Activities

The group meet every other Sunday after church service to discuss important issues concerning the ministry. Also, the leadership of the ministry meet at least once a month to pray, plan, and discuss issues concerning ministry and the church as a whole. Apart from our usual Sunday after church meetings, Men’s Ministry organize various programs such as:

  • Breakfast prayer meetings with guest speakers.
  • All night prayer meetings.
  • Seminars with professionals on topics such as health, finance, etc.
  • Debates with other ministries within the church
  • Keep fit exercising program every summer.
  • These and many other activities are organized in accordance with our yearly program to help our members (Men) grow in Spirit, knowledge, and wisdom of the LORD.

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Weds: Bible Studies
"War Night Prayer Meeting"
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